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Aotearoa: the Land of the Long White Cloud...and the Short Black Coffee


Mist and mountain, field and stream, gargoyles and penguins. Come on in, why don't you?


New Zealand has some of the most appealing town- and city-scapes I've seen. The enthusiastic architecture of the Victorian era and later has a lot to do with it.

City Scenes

None of New Zealand's cities are overwhelming.
And that's a good thing.


Step off the road and you're in the jungle. Even in the cities, it's a rare burg that doesn't have a world-class botanical garden or arboretum.

Out and Around

Everyone's driving on the wrong side of the road and they've got some strange right-of-way rules. Even so, it's worth getting on yer bike, mate, and having a look.

Along the way.

You never know when you're not paying attention.