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A gallery of photographs produced by Mike Clark


It's even bigger when you get up close.

Emily's Art

Watercolors and wood-carvings by a talented California artist.

New Zealand

Peregrinations in the Antipodes

Emily's Garden

Art of another sort.


It's, like, a whole 'nother country.


Puppies and hummingbirds
No actual animals were embarassed in the production of these photographs.

New York City

We visit the Big City, September, 2000.

Beer Art

Breakfast of the befuddled.
Scans from (mostly) North American beer containers.

The West

Drive-by shootings in the Golden West.

Signs and Wonders.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Down East

Scenes from an island in the upper right-hand corner of your U.S. map.

Recent Arrivals

A gallimaufry; newly-added photographs.